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Why reciprocal links don't measure up...

Getting links to your website is more important then any other seo technique known to date. Here we offer a new way for webmasters to achieve there optimization goals while offering visitors what they're looking for... Quality Content. Nine times out of ten, when finding quality content on a page you found it through Quality Links, and search engines know it. That's why Quality links out to key information could be just as valuable to your site as links pointing in.

Willing to put some quality links out? Then you deserve some quality links pointing in right? Well that's what we're all about! We help webmasters find Quality links! But lets not confuse a "Quality Link" with a "Reciprocal Link".

Don't get it?

We understand that some visitors may not understand exactly why our service is more sophisticated then most others out there, so we want to take a few moments and explain this whole procedure a bit more in detail.

You see, links to your website are very important. The more links you have pointing to your website, the more important a search engine assumes your site is. A search engine can read - but it cannot completely comprehend. It can only consider how many other humans like your site and use that to rank you. It's like anything else in life. If you know a guy and he has only one friend, he may or may not be a nice guy. On the other hand, if you know a guy that has twenty five friends, well, you know, he's probably a stand up guy. A search engine assumes that a site with allot of links must be a good one.

There is one exception to this (search engine algorithm) rule.

Reciprocal Links

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