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Reciprocal Links

Reciprocal links are not classified the same. A reciprocal link is when a website links to another website only to return the favor (link exchange).

Example: Reciprocal Link:

WEBSITE A links to WEBSITE B, and then to return the favor WEBSITE B links back to WEBSITE A.

That is considered a reciprocal link exchange. This will get you nowhere in the longrun. Search engines know that this is a link exchange in attempt to boost traffic and link popularity.

Example: Quality Link:

WEBSITE A has an article about "widgets" and links to WEBSITE B ( which details even more about widgets.

WEBSITE B ( doesn't link back.

WEBSITE A's link to WEBSITE B is a quality outbound link.

WEBSITE B's link from WEBSITE A is a quality inbound link.

Search engines love quality links. They will send you to the information that it thinks your looking for, and just encase it's not enough, the search engine knows that there are quality links there that will provide you with more information about the topic.

You see, it's a win win situation for both parties. That's why were offering an opportunity for webmasters to gain relative quality links to there websites. All they have to do is create quality content and participate. A webmaster signs up free as a member and posts there websites in the forums area detailing the kind of websites that they are and what type of links or partners they are seeking. Then he or she looks for other member websites that may share the same topic as pages or websites that he or she owns. When some are found, the member provides outbound links to those members pages or websites. Those links will be considered quality outbound links. In return, other members here will do the same. What we will wind up with here is a super community of quality link building partners, But NO RECIPROCALS!

Incoming links to your website have never mattered more then they do today. Most search engines use a new website ranking algorithm called link popularity. Link popularity is determined by the amount of incoming links your website has from other websites relating to the same topics. The more links a website has pointing to it, the higher the link popularity will be set for a particular site. A website about widgets may be optimized by the most sophisticated search engine professionals in the world and still not rank better then a beginners site that worked hard on link popularity. Reason? Because the website with more links pointing to it is believed to be more relevant since more webmasters recommend it. If a search engine finds links into a website and then finds links pointing back to the same site, that is classified as a "reciprocal link". These types of links on the otherhand are not valued (or valued less) for popularity ranking. These are recognized as webmasters trading links for the sole purpose of manipulating search results. These links will not work for search ranking and could possibly be frowned upon if too many are found.

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