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How to know what PageRank a web site has?

Download the Google toolbar to find out. This is a painless process. Simply go to , choose your preferred language and download the toolbar. Once installed you will see an extra row at the top of the browser with a search box and various other buttons and icons. The PageRank bar is clearly marked and depending on the PageRank of a website, you will see a bar filled from left to right with green. If you let your mouse hover over the bar, you will find out in numbers the PageRank of a specific web page. What has this got to do with Link popularity? Well you want as many links as possible from websites that have a lot of green in that bar!

The best links are those coming from websites with at least a PageRank of 4 (out of 10). The best links are also of the same or similar theme to the site you wish to rank well with.

Do a Google search for a similarly related but not necessarily exactly the same theme as that of your own website. Check the results for those that have a directory listing... Click the "Category:" link to land at the appropriate Google directory. Sites are listed in PageRank order. This makes the process of finding great sites to link to you that much easier. Request links from some of the websites listed.

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