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Directories Whose Listings Increase A Sites PageRank

There's no doubt about it... "High PR Directories will increase your PageRank". The following two directories are found to be very important to be listed in. If you are not listed in them, we recommend trying to get listed as soon as possible.
Directories Whose Listings Increase A Sites PageRank

Cost: free - may take some time.
Inclusion: usually takes a few weeks to a month.
Comments: DMOZ is the source of the Google Directory, and is the most important directory on the web. This makes it very difficult to get in. Make sure your site follows the directory guidelines to a "T". If it has been over one month and you want to know the status of your submission go to Open Directory Public Forum where volunteer members will kindly inform you.

Cost: $299 per year for business, free for personal.
Inclusion: can take up to 7 business days.
Comments: While it is the most expensive link on the list, look for it to become very important in the next year when Yahoo makes changes to its portfolio of web properties and search engines (Inktomi, Altavista, Overture, Alltheweb).


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